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About CCTV Fire Detection

fcam4What is CCTV FIre Detection?

CCTV fire detection cameras work by using image processing technology so they detect fire on a video feed in real time.

As compared to smoke detectors, CCTV fire detection systems can cover a much larger are for monitoring.

These systems can also detect fires across a long distance, in most cases as far as several hundred meters away. This makes CCTV fire detection optimal to use for sports facilities including golf courses or large stadiums.

For large sports venues, fire safety has in the past always been a problem that wasn’t easily addressed, or at least not without considerable obstacles. Smoke detectors, for instance can only monitor a very limited location. They have to be in the immediate vicinity of a smoke or fire to be activated. Because of that, they are unsuitable to monitor large structures or the outdoors.

But modern CCTV fire detection systems have more advantages that go beyond their farther range. They are very fast and reliable when it comes to fire detection, with detection rates that are often just seconds. False alarms are also kept at bare minimum, compared to older fire detection systems. What’s more, CCTV fire detection systems can automatically call emergency services in the case of a fire. By providing the fire brigade with accurate GPS coordinates for the fires spotted, they can greatly reduce response times. As a result, safety for people is greatly increased and structural fire damage can be kept at a minimum.

For sports venues in particular, from golf courses to race tracks, CCTV fire detection is the ideal way to detect fires fast and reliably.



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