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About CCTV Fire Detection

fcam4What is CCTV FIre Detection?

CCTV fire detection cameras work by using image processing technology so they detect fire on a video feed in real time.

As compared to smoke detectors, CCTV fire detection systems can cover a much larger are for monitoring.

These systems can also detect fires across a long distance, in most cases as far as several hundred meters away. This makes CCTV fire detection optimal to use for sports facilities including golf courses or large stadiums.

For large sports venues, fire safety has in the past always been a problem that wasn’t easily addressed, or at least not without considerable obstacles. Smoke detectors, for instance can only monitor a very limited location. They have to be in the immediate vicinity of a smoke or fire to be activated. Because of that, they are unsuitable to monitor large structures or the outdoors.

But modern CCTV fire detection systems have more advantages that go beyond their farther range. They are very fast and reliable when it comes to fire detection, with detection rates that are often just seconds. False alarms are also kept at bare minimum, compared to older fire detection systems. What’s more, CCTV fire detection systems can automatically call emergency services in the case of a fire. By providing the fire brigade with accurate GPS coordinates for the fires spotted, they can greatly reduce response times. As a result, safety for people is greatly increased and structural fire damage can be kept at a minimum.

For sports venues in particular, from golf courses to race tracks, CCTV fire detection is the ideal way to detect fires fast and reliably.



China’s Wu Ashun wins KLM Open by one shot

wu-ashunChina’s Wu Ashun earned his 3rd European Tour title at the KLM Open.

Wu birdied the last for a final round of four-under 67 to finish at 16 under at The Dutch in Spijk.

Wood could only par the last for a two-under 69 which made him third runner-up finish of the season.

Sharing third place are Belgium’s Thomas Detry and Japan’s Hideto Tanihara.

Wu was enthusiastic after his win: “Fantastic, an unbelievable week. There was a lot of good golf played here, I like this golf course.”

Up until the final round, Wood held a one-shot lead, but he paid the price for a double-bogey six at the 12th hole which made him miss out on his fourth European Tour title.

When It Comes to Sports, Not All Schools Are the Same!

Sports still has a priority for many families in United Kingdom and this is certainly a good thing. Even in a time where a lot of our youth spends more hours in front of a computer than they did a decade or so ago, activities such as playing soccer or other team sports are still quite high and the list of what lots of young folks in the UK like to spend their free time on.

With that in mind,  aware of all the benefits of sporting activity, last but not least for health and fitness, it becomes clear that finding a school that can offer your children those things can be very important. Here is exactly where the problem is: Not all schools in United Kingdom are equally good when we look at what they offer in terms of sports. Some schools might even entirely fore-go sports, deeming them as less important for what they think would be a “proper” education.

It is for that reason not surprising that a lot of families today get away from our public education system and looking towards private schooling. They prefer independent, private schools that make it a priority that pupils have plenty of choices in regards to sports and other activities. It is also a fact that a number of  our private schools have some of the best kept and up-to-date sports facilities in our nation.

Know that choosing a school for your children could be the deciding thing over how your children will spend the next decade or two. If your children love sports such as soccer, hockey or swimming, why deny them their passion and fun by making a less than optimal decision when it comes to their education?

I always tell folks that they should look carefully look at what a school has to offer and never haste this decision. If your children will be stuck with a school for the next 10 or  more years it would be worth it to spend some time on finding the best school for them. So, what this means is that you should always compare several schools side-by-side and possibly also allow your children to spend a week or two “test” a school as well. A good decision can then be made a lot easier!

The above education and schooling tips are brought to you by Kingshottschool, the prep school in Hertfordshire that doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to your children’s education!

RBC Heritage: Jim Furyk wins first title since 2010

jim-furykOn his final day at the RBC Heritage, Jim Furyk finally did it!

If one thing is out of the question it’s that he had one of his best ball striking days in his career.

For the first time since 2010 he could end the long wait for his 17th PGA Tour title.

Due to adverse weather forecast he started much earlier than scheduled. Without a sweat e managed nine birdies in a closing 63 and then edged out a Kevin Kisner at the second play-off hole.

Furyk picked up early shots at the second and fourth quickly climbing up the leaderboard with four consecutive birdies from the sixth to close out a front-nine 30.

He almost managed to chip in another but it took him a minute to get back on track with three birdies in the next four where he opened up a three shot lead over anyone else.

Kisner was still able to reduce the lead to one but Furyk parred safely in and took over the clubhouse lead on the 18th.

This was definitely a brilliant day for Jim!

What Difference Signing up with a Good Fitness Gym Can Make

Finding A Good Fitness GymWith the current trend in fitness that goes towards so-called low-budget and bargain fitness gyms, the nation recently sees ever more gym chains for the small budget opening up.

Some of the fitness gyms charge only a few pounds per month for a membership.

While this at first seems attractive for those who need to watch their spending, several health and fitness experts warn that such bargain gyms are not always worth the money.

One thing is clear: with discount prices for a gym membership often comes a poor level of service. In some cases, those who seek to do something for their health and fitness by signing up with a low price fitness gym won’t get anything in return but a membership card and access to a gym’s premises.

Fitness experts in the United Kingdom point out that it is extremely important to have proper guidance when it comes to exercise routines and equipment. This is especially important for those who are still beginners. Without the proper guidance on what to do while in a gym, without knowing what to do, the value of a membership is pretty much zero.

For many it can be better instead of just looking at the price of a gym membership to investigate what a particular fitness gym is offering and at what cost. While a 5 pounds membership without anything else is pretty much worthless, a gym membership costing twice as much but that includes a qualified trainer would be the much better deal. The British fitness and health experts likewise say that complete business courses and classes can be a better option than a vanilla membership.

Thing about those points the next time you want to sign up for a gym membership.

Do you live in Hackney or close-by? Then maybe you should take a look at my favorite gym in Hackney to learn more about what you can do for your health and fitness today!


Study: 1.8M People in England Belong To A Sports Clubs

According to a new study, more than 1.8 million people in the United Kingdom belong to sports clubs. The article at the BBC website reports that about 3 million competitions took place in the UK in the previous year.

The study had been commissioned with the goal to examine the impact of governing bodies in delivering sports to a wide audience. The study shows that 9 million people take part in at least 30 minutes physical activity each and every day.

The study had been launched at the same time together with a a new chief executive officer forum which hopes to act as an independent voice to influence national and local policy on sport.

Professor Simon Shibli of Sheffield Hallam University who led the study in a public statement: “it says much about how much sport matters. Our research demonstrates the huge impact NGBs are making in the delivery of sport in England at community and elite level, and their growing influence in international sports administration.”

He added: “The fact that over one million more people belong to sports clubs than the combined total of all UK political party membership says much about how much sport matters to the wider population.”

Likewise, the report has shown that volunteering linked to the governing bodies was worth almost 5 billion British pounds in 2014.


Buick and Doyle Joining Godolphin

buick-doyle-godolphinVisitors to the Godolphin website will sure be in for a surprise:

Buick and Doyle are to become first-choice riders to the Godolphin operation!

According to the site, Buick is going to be jockey to Charlie Appleby and Doyle is first choice for Saeed bin Suroor.

However, it is likely that the two will interchange to cover each others’ roles if needed.

Buick has now abandoned his position as stable jockey to John Gosden. Doyle was the retained rider to owner Khalid Abdullah on Kingman and Noble Mission.

What we know is that the new contract with Godolphin won’t come into effect until both have fulfilled their current riding arrangements.

The jockeys first engagement for Godolphin will be for the Dubai Carnival in the next year.

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